Education System in Turkmenistan - An Overview

The Education System in Turkmenistan is based on centralized structural framework of the Soviet system. However, required modifications are underway to make the Education more country specific, as Government is aiming to produce more efficient work force, which can take active part in commercial activities. Educational reforms also include cultural objectives, for example the writing of a new history of Turkmenistan, the training of multilingual cadres able to function in Turkmen, English, and Russian, and the implementation of alphabet reform in schools.

Education in Turkmenistan is provided free of cost. Schooling starts from the Kindergarten (bagcha ) and Primary School (mekdep ). Attendance in Schools is compulsory from grade 1 through 8. After completion of grade 8, students are examined and provided admission into technical, continuing, and discontinuing tracks.

Further, the Primary and Secondary Education system is being restructured according to the western model. Schools in Turkmenistan follow a standardized pattern of Education. About 77% Schools provide instructions in Turkmen language, while some schools instruct in Russian as well.
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